new projects!
I have so many ideas for projects all the time that I use this page to show off some of the progress I have on various projects.
After finishing my capstone I still felt a bit unfulfilled and while proud of my work, I felt that I didn't get to do a lot of the things I had originally set out to do when making my project. This project is still in the early stages of concepting and sketching. This project was partially inspired by a design exercise I made over the winter on Bronislava Nijinska
This project is an idea for a three-part series, a historical zine that tells a history of injustices and prejudice in dance while also uplifting and celebrating dancers of all backgrounds. The first will take place from the 1800-1930s, the second from 1920s-2000s, and the third dealing with current politics and what we do now. The visual language uses photography and illustration and expressive typography. Each article in the zine also has a variation of the visual language while keeping consistent items. Size: 10in x 11.5in
Here are images of my process.
LULU is a webtoon I started during quarantine in the summer of 2020. It was a way to express my feelings and keep a light hearted attitude. Slowly it's become something that I use to do quick drawing and narrative exercises keeping myself within 30 minutes to make each episode. 
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