foods of st. Louis
Spring 2019
Typeface: Acuta designed by Elena Albertoni.
Food has always interested me; in particular, our favorite foods' origin stories and how food is made. In this project I really wanted to highlight this love and bright exuberance for food.
From t-ravs to gooey butter cake, this set of 12 postcards with stamps and packaging focuses on the unique food of St. Louis. These foods often came from unique and funny backgrounds and cultures and my cards attempt to celebrate the diversity of food. The packaging of the cards uses deli paper and stickers to enclose the postcards.
I wanted to do something a little more fun for this project, having just done a serious data visualization project about race in St. Louis. I decided to do St. Louis foods or foods important to St. Louis. After having chosen this topic, I made a list from my research of all the different foods in St. Louis I could use. From this I narrowed down to 12 foods/places to use.
At first I wanted my narrative to be more based on the historical sense of St. Louis and the different neighborhoods and districts and people that these foods come from. However, I quickly learned this wasn’t working quite as well as I hoped. 
While researching that many of the creations of these foods were accidental or kind of funny. I wanted to emphasize the quirky nature of these foods in my design. I drew out sketches of all my postcards. This soon changed though as I iterated my cards, fixing ones so that they stayed consistent. One of the first ideas I had while sketching was to great a stamp or logo-gram with the series, and I kept this idea through the project.
I’m actually really happy with how this project turned out. For a majority of this project I was very frustrated trying to discern the line between fun and quirky and a cohesive set. I really enjoyed researching paper projects not meant for printing and just experimental media and lettering in this project and hope to do so again in the future!
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