Hi, I'm lucy! (she/her)
I am the Editorial Designer at the Pittsburgh City Paper, an avid bookist, and history geek! I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2021 (during the Covid-19 Pandemic) earning a major in Communication Design and a minor in Art History
Growing up in my home city of Pittsburgh (not Philly) I was and still am obsessed with stories. My design practice is invested in printed materials, often telling historical narratives. In my free time I'm either working on my slice-of-life webtoon, dancing, or planning out my next project!
Feel free to contact me at lulujchen@gmail.com or follow my work on Instagram! My résumé is available here. I'm also on Goodreads (let's exchange book recs)!

PS. The "J" stands for 佳丽 (jiālì)

Image Caption: Myself in Venice, Italy outside the train station. Image taken by Marie Foss.
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