Hi, I'm lucy! (she/her)
I am the Editorial Designer at the Pittsburgh City Paper, an avid bookist, and history geek! I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2021 (during the Covid-19 Pandemic) earning a major in Communication Design and a minor in Art History.
Growing up in my home city of Pittsburgh (not Philly) I was and still am obsessed with stories. Pittsburgh itself is a city that dwells on a "glorious" past, full of residents who describe locations through landmarks that no longer exist. My design practice is invested in printed matter, often telling historical narratives. In my free time I'm either working on my slice-of-life webtoon, dancing, or planning out my next project!
Feel free to contact me at lulujchen@gmail.com or follow my work on Instagram

PS. The "J" stands for 佳丽 (jiālì)

Image Caption: Myself outside the train station in Venice, Italy. Image taken by Marie Foss.
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